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WhatsApp 2019 for PC - Whatsapp 2019 is for Android, iPhone, iPad, Nokia Asha, Windows Phone, PC, Windows, Mac OS, and Nokia . Search the App Whatsapp together with enjoy chatting with your companions. WhatsApp Messenger is to have a cross-platform mobile messaging which allows you to trade messages without the require to invest for a Message

WhatsApp 2019 is the one app share a message on android and smartphones. Until now, whatsapp was recorded as share app book and android-based smartphones are the most popular. Not to mention now WhatsApp has included a feature end-to-end. With this technology, each message is sent the user will be encrypted to and decrypted on the user's purpose. So the message you send is only known by you and the recipient. No one, including the parties WhatsApp own know your message. This feature further strengthens the security and privacy of you as a user of course.


WhatsApp 2019 for PC New Version

Thus, the whatsapp intends to facilitate the user in accessing this application. Because roby they launched "WhatsApp Web". As the name suggests, we can access Whatsapp through your browser on the PC.

After some time, the whatsapp rate this feature quite loved by their users. Whatsapp and launch the app WhatsApp 2019 for PC . Essentially this feature similar to the web version, but the user is prompted to install the installer to be installed on each PC. So that users do not need to open the browser to access this feature. Minimum specification of PC support and can be installed app this is Windows 8 (64 and 32 bit) and Mac OS X 10.9 and above. So make sure the OS or operating system you according first yes.

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 Features of Whatsapp 2019 for PC is not much different from the WhatsApp Website. On both, the user can see and do activities share the book the same is the case with WhatsApp on your mobile phone. You can still share messages, files based pdf, music files, video files and even files contact. Features such as finding text message on a chat, forward a message, mute, etc. also you can do in this application. Differences the most the arrival of a new lover is, you can not do voice calls and video through this application. Download WhatsApp 2019 for PC

One to note is, although you can already do the activity share the messages via a desktop PC through this app, you still have to make sure that the whatsapp there in this mobile phone remains active. It is a still more unfortunate by some of the parties, because the user must still rely on the phone even though their day in the media PC.

This app is so familiar for most users. Because it can not be denied activity type a message to be much more easily and efficiently with this desktop application. Source: Download WhatsApp 2019